• Address : Km4, Mogadishu Somalia
  • Working : Saturday - Thursday, 9:am - 5:pm

Civil Society organizations have played and continue to play a major role in provision of basic services to the needy communities. In addition, they contribute significantly to human rights, democracy and other key elements of good governance, as well as inclusive and sustainable growth for human development through their advocacy and lobbying abilities. CED has since 2013 started supporting the growth and contribution of grassroots civil society organisations to effectively play the role of being the interface between the communities and institutional interlocutors.

Women and youth organizations were among the key grassroots organization supported with institutional capacity building programs. This has plunged CED deep into the murky waters of civic education for communities to be able to defend and claim their social, economic and political rights. Despite the challenges it pauses to the organisations, the rewards that have come from empowered women, youth and other marginalised groups has been immense. This will thus constitute a major programming area for CED going forward.