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  1. CED Implemented Projects from 2016 to 2021



#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudget in US Dollar ActivitiesBeneficiaries
1Justice Undertaking for Social Transformation (JUST)16 District of banadir, Jowhar of Hirshabelle and Adado of Galmudug StatesJanuary 2019 to June  2021European Union$573,684.44–          Capacity building and job assignment to 15 paralegals to work with legal advisors/lawyers in judicial institution to deliver the project legal aid to needy vulnerable people.

–          Enhance the capacity of 3 government institutions such as prison, police and judiciary offices.

–          Provision of legal counseling and legal assistance for people who are accused of a crime and are in pre-trail, detention or who are already convicted.

–          Psychosocial support to prisoners and pre-detainees.

–          Media campaign for democracy and human rights.

–          Training Prison Peer Educators (PPE) on prison management and legal counseling to other prisoners.

–          Capacity building to prison and police officials in legal awareness and access to information.

–          Support capacity development of local and attach the trained paralegals to work with them to program intervention to address poor access to justice etc.

–          Lobby the legislators, the judiciary and prison officials to institute reforms.

–          5516 HH
1Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Project (GESI)Jowhar, Mahaday, Warsheikh and BeletweinJuly 2018 to June 2020.Somalia Stability Fund (SSF).1043,,520The activities of GESI project in increasing women participation in political and decision making bodies included:

-Grass Roots Mobilizations.

-Leadership and advocacy  capacity buildings for women and others on GESI.

-Inter generational dialogue for increasing women in decision making.

-Interactive Radio Programs on Gender equality, Social Inclusion and women in politics.

-Distribution of IEC materials on women empowerment messages.,

-Debates, Forums and Dialogue between women, elders, local administration and others to forest collaboration to break traditional barriers against women in decision making.

-Series of open forms, debates  amongst women to increase women candidacy for political and public life.

-Advocacy and lobbying for women to secure 30% quote of seats in state and national federal assembly and other institutions.


10150 HH
1Community and Youth Based Econonic Recovery and Stabilizations (CYBERS)Mahaday of Middle shabelleJanuary 2018 to September 2019Somali Stability Fund (SSF)$500,000The activities of Youths engagement in agricultural activities included:

–          Provision of skills in farming, and farming management.

–          Support the youths in free farm inputs such as land preparation, seeds etc.

–          Support youths in farm associations.

–          Rehabilitation of basic irrigation and other  infrastructures such as canals, sluice gates, box culverts and river embankments.

6578 HH
1.Vocal Option in Civic Engagement-Somalia (VOICES)Benadir (Mogadishu), South West, Galmudug and Middle Shabelle3 yearsEuropean Union (EU)744,680


The activities are; to contribute to inclusive development by empowering all groups with capacity to claim and exercise their democratic rights in Somalia; to strengthen democracy and the rule of law and respect of all human rights and fundamental freedoms in Somalia; to develop 12 Community based resolutions disputes and to develop their capacities to deliver fair and affordable justice to all; to enhance the capacity of 45 human rights champions.


9549 HH
2Cash plus Agricultural Inputs DistributionBalcad district, Middle Shebelle Region1 yearFAO216,057Improve food security by assisting vulnerable households to regain the means to plant by providing them with an improved agricultural inputs package containing land preparation support through provision of tractor hours, seeds and storage bags. The most vulnerable families will receive unconditional cash with their farming packages through FAO’s “Cash+” program.



  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2014 – 2015


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1.Scale Up Social Protection and Cash Transfers ProgramMiddle Shabelle RegionMarch –May  2014Oxfam NovibUSD 438,441.67–          Cash Transfers2200 Households
2.Promotion of Women Empowerment (POWER)BenadirMarch 2014-February 2016United Nations Democracy FundUSD 180,000Capacity building for 1000 women and 20 women CSOs1000 women households
3.Enhancing Resilience in SomaliaLower Shabelle RegionJuly 1, 2014-July 5,2015SOMREP through OxfamUSD 512,699-Rehabilitation of Irrigation Canals

– Provision of Farm Inputs

– Provision of Irrigation Pumps

– Demonstration Farms

-Planting Trees

-Capacity Building and Trainings Workshops

-Contingency Plan

– Training Community Health Workers

– Business Trainings & Revolving funds for Women Households etc

2200 Households
4.Agriculture Inputs DistributionMiddle Shabelle RegionSeptember 29, 2014-March 3,2015FAO51450-Provision of Farm Inputs

-Provision Urea

2500 Households
5.Safety Net Support for IDPs and Drought affected communities in AfgoieLower Shabelle RegionNovember 11,2014-July 31,2015UNCHA through OxfamUSD 191,725Cash Transfers750 Households
6.Community and Youth-based Economy and Recovery Stablization in SomaliaMiddle ShabelleAugust 15th 2014-October 31st 2015Adam Smith International Africa LimitedUSD 999,987Rehabilitation of basic infrastructure assets in the target area such the rehabilitation of canals, road, water well, construction of market, river embankment activities and support of farming inputs to youth15328 Households


  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2013


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1.Strengthening the Livelihoods of Communities in Galgadud RegionGalgadud RegionMarch 2013- February 28, 2014Oxfam NovibUSD 393,556.67–          Rehabilitation of Feeder Roads, Cash Grants and Restocking3047 Households
2.Social Protection and Cash Transfers ProgramMiddle Shabelle RegionOctober 2013-April 2014Oxfam NovibUSD 571,817.43–          Cash Transfers2500 Households






  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2012


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiries
1.Food Access and Nutrition Support for Vulnerable Households in South/Central SomaliaLower & Middle Shabelle RegionsJuly-2012-February 2013Oxfam NovibUSD 2,057,949.00–          Cash Relief Distribution5876HHs
2.Floods Response ProjectMiddle Shabelle RegionOctober 2012-March 2013Oxfam NovibUSD  88,429.49–          Distribution of Non-food Items1000 HHs



  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2011


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1.Emergency Livelihood Project Phase IIIAfgoye district in Lower Shabelle Region.Dec 1, 2010 Nov 2012Oxfam NovibEUR 796,755– Rehabilitation of 4 primary canals.

-Distribution of cash relief to 300 H.Hs of most vulnerable target families.

– Land preparation for 1150 small-scale farmers.

-Distribution of farming seeds and tools to 1150 families.

– Construction of 100 latrines.

– Distribution of 200 sets of garbage collection materials.

– Garbage collection activities through fach for work by 648 laborers.

-Cash grant provisions to 100 women headed families.

-Distribution of 60 donkeys and carts to target families.

-Distribution of 1500 shouts to target families.

-Distribution of 9000 heads of hen to target families.

-Rehabilitation of 1 motorized water well through cash for works.

– Rehabilitation of 1 water catchment

-Distribution of 50 sewing machines to   beneficiaries.

-Train selected IGA beneficiaries on business management and marketing, training farmers on extension and training public health promoters.

7323 Households
2.Emergency Drought Response ProjectAfgoye, Aden Yabal, Adale and Galad districts in Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle and Galgadud Regions respectivelyApril -May 2011Oxfam NovibUSD 107,222.00Distribution of cash relief to 600 families from the most vulnerable community members for 2 months.600 Households
3.Emergency EducationAfgoye of lower shabelle region, Garasbaley of Banadir, Jowhar, Balad, Warsheikh, Adale, and Runnirgod of Middle shabelle region, and Gala of Galgadud regionJanuary 2011-Dec, 2012Oxfam NovibUSD 684,668.00– Rehabilitation of 5 permanent schools.

-Construction of 3 permanent schools.

-Construction of 3 semi-permanent schools.

-TOT training to target school teachers.

-Capacity building workshop for school administration, community education committees

-Establishing numeracy and literacy centres (within the school buildings) for the youths and adults who had no access to basic education services prior to the project;

-Provision of furniture and equipment, learning materials to increase quality of education;

-Provision of incentives for the teachers during the project lifespan

3480 Students and 1395 Adult Learners
4.Agricultural Inputs  distribution ProjectBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region.March 15-May 31,2011FAOUSD 29,010Distribution of 40 Mt of maize seeds and 80Mt of UREA to 1600 farmers consisting of IDPs, small farmers, and Bantu marginalized groups

-Distribution of 115 Kg of vegetable seeds to 1000 small scale irrigated farmers

2600 Households
5.Emergency Livelihoods Intervention for Pastoral & Host Communities in Galad/EldherEldher District in Galgadud RegionApril 2011-October 2011UN Common Humanitarian Fund/Oxfam NovibUSD 186,696– Road clearance through Cash for Work activities employing 450 people (440 workers & 10 forepersons)

– Distribution of 1000 Livestock to 200 destitute pastoralists households

– Distribution of Cash Relief 100 households three months.

– Training the project targeted beneficiaries.

790 Households
6.2011 Famine Response ProjectQoryoley & Wanlaweyn districts in L/Shabelle and Adale & Adan Yabaal ddistricts in M/ShabelleAugust 2011 to January 2012Oxfam NovibUSD 1,376,990.00–          Cash relief to  2700 families

–          NFIs distribution to 3250 families

–          Farm inputs/tools/land preparation to 5954 farming families

–          Construction of 400 household latrines & provision of WASH Kits

–          Rehabilitation of three water wells benefiting 1730 households

9,860 HHs
7Rapid Emergency Response ProjectAfgoi & Wanla Weyn districts, Lower ShabelleAugust 2011 to December 2011SIDA 1 & 2USD  366,832–          Cash relief distribution to 2,200 drought/famine affected families2,200 HHs
8Distribution of agricultural inputs (Sorghum Seeds & DAP fertilizer) to rain-fed farmersAdale district, Middle ShabelleOctober 2011 to January 2012FAO SomaliaUSD 40,030–          1,000 rain-fed sorghum growers in Adale district1,000 HHs
9Livelihood support to famine affected peopleAdale district, Middle ShabelleOctober 2011 to January 2012FAO SomaliaUSD 7060–          Road Clearance activities, 88 KM  thru CFW activities733 HHs
10Emergency Livelihood Crises Response to IDPsAfgoi, L/ShabelleOctober to December 2011Oxfam NovibUSD 88,217–          Cash distribution to 488 most vulnerable IDP HHs488 HHs
11Integrated Emergency Response to Livelihood Crises in SC Somalia(BUZA)L & M shabelle and GalgaduudOctober 2011 to September 2012Oxfam NovibUSD 420,214–          Cash relief; agricultural recovery; WASH and IGAs3,752 HHs
12.Scaling Up of Emergency Cash TransfersLower & Middle Shabelle RegionsNovember 1,2011-April 30,2012Oxfam NovibUSD 1,735,866.00–          Cash Relief Distribution.4,900 HHs




  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2010


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiries
1.Extension of Emergency Water and Sanitation Response AfgoyeAfgoye Corridor/ElashaJanuary  1, –March 31st 2010Oxfam NovibUSD 92,906Water provision through pipes to 29 IDPs Camps8437 Households
2.Seeds distribution ProjectBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region.April 1st -June 15th 2010FAOUSD 38,400-Distribution of seeds

-Farmers trainings

4000 HH
3.General Food DistributionGalad district, Galgadud RegionJanuary-May, 2010WFPIn Kind-Distribution of food4267 HH
4.Agricultural Inputs  distribution ProjectBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region.August 15 –November 30,  2010FAOUSD 32,210-Distribution of seeds & urea fertilizers

-Farmers trainings

5300 HH
5.Employment Creation for Small Scale Irrigation Farmers in Balad district, Middle Shabelle RegionBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region.November 1, 2010-January 31, 2011.UNDPUSD 132,285–          Rehabilitation of 9 irrigation canals

–          Capacity building for 63 canal committees.

4180 HH



  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2009


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1Extension of Emergency Watsan Operations in AfgoyeAfgoye Corridor/Lower ShabelleMarch 12-June 12,2009Oxfam Novib/UNOCHAUSD 93,891.33Water provision through pipes13830 Households
2Emergency NFI distributionAFGOI/LshabeleMay-August 2009UNHCRUSD 93,040–  NFI Distribution18000 Households.


3.General food distribution for IDPsAfgoye Corridor/Hawa Abdi/Lower ShabelleJanuary 1-October 31st 2009WFPIn KindRelief Food Distribution13500 Households


4.General food distribution for IDPsBalad/Middle Shabelle RegionFebruary 7-October 31st 2009WFPIn KindRelief Food Distribution9414 Households
5.General food distribution for IDPsWarsheikh/Middle Shabelle Region28 March-October 31st 2009WFPIn KindRelief Food Distribution6088 Households
6.General food distribution for IDPsGalad/Galgadud RegionApril 8-September 30,2009WFPIn KindRelief Food Distribution5467 Households
7.Extension of Emergency Water and Sanitation Response AfgoyeAfgoye Corridor/ElashaOctober  1,2009 –Dec 31st 2009Oxfam NovibUSD 105,389Water provision through pipes to 29 IDPs Camps8437 Households
8.Emergency Livelihood ResponseAfgoye, Warsheikh, Adale and Galad districts in Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle and Galgadud Regions respectively


July 2009-Dec 2009Oxfam NovibUSD 401,788.10–  Rehabilitation of 3 Shallow wells and 1 borehole

– Construction of 175 latrines

– Rehabilitation of access roads

– Cash Relief

– Cash for work

– Training WMC

– Hygiene and sanitation activities

9160                        seholds


  1. CED Implemented Projects in 2008


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1Emergency watsan operations Afgoye 07, supplementary contributionsAFGOI/Lower shabele, Mogadishu NorthJanuary 1st –March 31st 2008Oxfam Novib and UN OCHA/HRFUSD  291,654.00– Water provision through pipes

– Piping works

– Water trucking

25000 Households
2Emergency watsan operations Afgoye 07, supplementary contribution and extension of periodsAfgoie road/Lower Shabelle RegionApril 1st – June 30,2008Oxfam NovibUSD 192,528.00– Water provision through pipes

– Water trucking

16667 Households
3.Emergency watsan operations Afgoye 07, supplementary contribution and extension of periodsAfgoie road/Lower Shabelle RegionJuly 1st –September 30,2008Oxfam NovibUSD  291,638Water provision through pipes13467 Households
4.Emergency Watsan Operations AfgoyeAfgoie road/Lower Shabelle RegionNovember 1st – January 31st 2009.Oxfam NovibEUR 65,000.00Water provision through pipes15332 Households
5.General food distribution for IDPsAfgoye, Lower Shabele17 January-24 December 2008World Food ProgramIn Kind– Food distribution68517 Households
6.General food distribution for IDPsBalad, Middle Shabele25 June-December 30,2008World Food ProgramIn Kind– Food distribution10819 Households


7.General food distribution for IDPsWarsheikh, Middle Shabele27 March-20 December 2008World Food ProgramIn Kind– Food distribution5000 Households
8.Emergency NFI distributionAFGOI/LshabeleMay 2008UNHCRIn Kind–  NFI Distribution7000 Households
9.Emergency Rural Food Security ProgramGalad district,Galgadud region


January 1-December 31st 2008CARE InternationalIn Kind–  Food Distribution1400 Households
10.Emergency IDPs food distribution projectGalad district,Galgadud regionJanuary 1-December 31st 2008CARE InternationalIn Kind–  Food Distribution1412 Households
11.Emergency Livelihood Response ProjectAfgoye, Warsheikh, Adale and Galcad districts

in Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions respectively.

July 2008-May 2009Oxfam NovibUSD 724,083.00Drilling 2 boreholes, rehabilitation of 7 shallow wells, construction of 420 latrines, training WMC, Hygiene and health promotion, Cash Relief, Cash for Work through road rehabilitations and sand dune fixations11446 Households










  1. K) CED Implemented Projects in 2007


#Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding AgencyBudgetActivitiesBeneficiaries
1Assistance to conflict affected IDPsAFGOI/Lower shabele, MogadishuMarch 15-May 15,2007Oxfam NovibEUR 202,880.00– Food Distribution/ NFI distribution

– Provision of fuel Beds to Hospitals

1250 Households
2Supplement project for IDPs“    “     “April 1-May 31st 2007Oxfam NovibUSD 198,168.00-Food distribution/NFI distribution

– Water trucking

1068 Households
3Supplement for Integrated Tsunami Rehabilitation projectAdale district,  Middle Shabelle Region2007Oxfam Quebec Through Oxfam NovibEUR 30,900.00– School rehabilitation230 Households



4Emergency Floods ReliefMiddle Shabele & Lower ShabeleDecember 2006-February 28,2007Oxfam NovibUSD 370,000.00– Food distribution

– NFI distribution

– River embankment

4150 Households
5.Shabelle FloodsMiddle Shabele & Lower ShabeleApril 4-June 6,2007Oxfam Belgium through Oxfam NovibUSD 116,892.00– Food distribution

– NFI distribution

3900 Households
6.OGB funding project for Mogadishu IDPSAFGOI/Lshabele


May 1-June 20,2007OGB through Oxfam Novib.USD 500,000– Rehabilitation of 12 borehole,  Water Trucking, Sanitation,  Latrine construction, Cash for work

–  NFI Distribution

51602 Households
7.Emergency ReliefAFGOI/Lshabele2007UNHCRIn Kind–  NFI Distribution7881 Households.
8.Food Aid DistributionMogadishu


May7-June 21,2007WFPIn Kind–  Food Distribution42,969 Households
9.Food Aid DistributionAfgoie district, Lower Shabelle Region26 April-23 November 2007WFPIn Kind–  Food Distribution75,489 Households
10.Food Aid DistributionBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region23 January-20 September 2007WFPIn Kind–  Food Distribution14,613 Households
11.Food Aid DistributionWarsheikh district, Middle Shabelle region.17 September-29 November 2007WFPIn Kind– Food Distribution5297 Households
12.Rural Food Security projectGal’ad district,  Galgadud RegionJanuary-December 2007CARE InternationalIn Kind–  Food Distribution3600 Households
13.Emergency ReliefGal’ad district,Galgadud RegionJanuary-December 2007CARE InternationalIn Kind–  Food Distribution321 Households
14.Supports to FisheriesJowhar & Balad– Middle Shabele regionMay 10-31st October 2007UN-OCHA-HRFUSD 223,728– Distribution of fishing gear to riverine Fishermen.

– Trainings

4000 Households
15.Emergency Water Trucking for IDPsAfgoie, Lower Shabelle RegionAugust 15-September 15,2007UNOCHA-HRFUSD 95,000.00Water trucking10025 Households
16.CED Emergency WATSAN ProjectAFGOI/Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Mogadishu27 September-26 Dec 2007Oxfam NovibUSD 376,724.00-Water trucking, construction of water kiosks

– NFI distribution

– Cash for work

– Rehabilitation of 9 water wells,

– Construction of latrines, hygiene promotion.

16114 Households
17.Emergency Watsan operation in Afgoie Nov-Dec 2007AFGOI, Lower Shabelle RegionNovember 1st –December 31st 2007Oxfam Novib & UNOCHA-HRFUSD 286,169.00– Water Trucking

– Construction of latrines

– Cash for work

– Hygiene promotion

– Latrine Construction – NFIS

12030 Households
18.Crop productionBalad district, Middle Shabelle Region.2007UNHCRUSD 33,940– Land preparation for IDPs farmers

– Rehabilitation of canals through cash for work.

– Distribution of farm inputs

– Extension trainings

270 Households
19.Emergency Relief– AFGOI Lower shabele Region.March-July 2007UNICEFIn Kind–  Provision of Water Bladders, Chlorine10,000 Households



l).  CED Implemented Projects from 2005 to 2006




Project DescriptionProject LocationDurationFunding agencyBudgetActivitiesNumber of beneficiaries
1.Caplcity BuildingStrengthening of Civil Society Organizations in Somalia.Benadir and Galgadud Regions2003-2005Oxfam NovibWorkshops-Organizational development

– Production of Organizational manuals

CED management & Staff(12 persons)
2.EducationIncreasing levels of literacy in SomaliaBenadir Region2003-2005Books For AfricaIn KindDistribution of text books to Primary, Secondary and University Students.12000 Students
3.EducationSupporting Sheikh Ibrahim, Barre and Elhareri Schools.Galad District, Galgadud Region.2003-2007CED & Diaspora CommunityUSD 15,000.00-Hiring and training of Primary School Teachers and payment teachers incentives400 Students
4.EducationPreventive Education on the practices of FGM.Mogadishu2005-2006RAINBOUSD 7,700.00-Training communities on preventive education on FGM.6030 HH
5.Rural food security projectsRural Food Security Project RFSP/EFFPGalad district, Galgadud Region.01/05/06 – 17/07/07CARE InternationalIn KindDistribution of relief food (maize, vegetable oil, beans) to drought affected victims.6858 H.H
6.Emergency AidIDPs Assistance ProjectGalad District, Galgadud Region28/04/2007-29/04/2007CARE InternationalIn KindDistribution of relief food (maize, vegetable oil, beans) to drought affected victims.321 H.H
7.RehabilitationIntegrated Tsunami Rehabilitation Project 1stLower shabelle, Banadir, Middle  shabelle, Mudug and Galgadud01/08/05 to 31/06/06Oxfam NovibEUR 665,505.00– Provision of boats & fishing gear to Tsunami affected fishermen and training fishermen

– Construction and Rehabilitation of Schools, Payment of teachers’ incentives, scholarships for girls to enhance girls school enrollments.

– Rehabilitation of water structures

5280 HH
8.RehabilitationIntegrated Tsunami Rehabilitation Project 2nd phaseLower shabelle, Banadir, Middle shabelle, Mudug and Galgadud regions01/05/06 – 31/10/06Oxfam NovibEUR 527,777.00– Provision of boats & fishing gear to Tsunami affected fishermen and training fishermen

– Construction and Rehabilitation of Schools, Payment of teachers’ incentives, scholarships for girls to enhance girls school enrollments.

– Rehabilitation of water structures

4585 H.H
9.Emergency AidDrought Relief & Rehabilitation projectLower shabelle, middle Jubba and Bay regions01/05/06 – 31/10/06Oxfam NovibEUR 400,000.00-Distribution of food and seeds to flood affected victims.

– Rehabilitation of water wells structures.

3800 H.H
10.Emergency AidFlood Response ProjectLower and Middle Shabelle Regions.November 20 ,06- December 11,06CEDUSD 20,000.00-Distribution of food (maize & vegetable oil) to flood affected victims.

– Provision of Boats for saving the flood affected victims.

1650 Households.