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The ration of female to male in labor participation is 0.667 while the share of female to male in parliament is 0.075 in Somalia.The chance of a rural girl never enrolling in school is 4.7 times higher than of an urban boy. This is owed to the lack of power in women to demand their rights due to cultural barriers. Women empowerment programmes have been implemented by CED through the Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights in Somalia (POWER) project.

The project targeted to sensitize the male folk on the rights of women as well as community groups, and supporting and facilitating women groups, umbrellas, and association to advocate for peace building, gender quality, improved health and educational services and linking them to government institutions to influence local,
regional and national policy. 100 women leaders and 1000 members of 20 women organizations capacities enhanced for sustained participation in democratic,  economic and political processes.