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Booley Ahmed , a mother of 7 children (3 daughters & 4 sons), who themselves are all now families, was born in Kurari village, Afgoi in 1927. Since then, she said she lived in Kurari village and she had never gone to anywhere further than Afgoi town 15 km away from her home place for shopping purposes only. Reciting about her young hood, Booley said:


“We had been a subsistent farming family cultivating small farmland to survive, and our life was better before the collapse of the former Somali Government in early 1991, but lack of central government resulted or inherited all Somalis human catastrophe”.

She continued saying:

 “I was a farmer and as such for everything, I was dependent upon subsistent farming sources, including care and growing up of children. My husband, the father of my children passed away in 1991 at the age of 91 years and it was the only time I said to myself your death date is now closer!”

“When the former Somali Government collapsed, the security situation became unstable affecting all kinds of human needs. Women, in particular, became more vulnerable for all kinds of crimes- committed by men, such as raping, killings and looting valuable assets, etc. My home place Kurari, the villagers have no any latrines to dispose of the human waste products and women used to go out for that purpose, and sometimes there were threats, rapes and even attack by wild animals, like hyena to women and children when they are outdoors for defecation or collecting firewood or water”. She added

Now, CED/Oxfam Novib constructed for us latrines and we will no longer go out for disposing of human excreta. CED helped us stay indoor; because, before, we used to help each other or ask a neighbor to accompany you to take your excreta outside. I am old enough; have enough experience on life and have to advise my children and grand children to the right path including to improve their own living standards. Thanks to CED Organization”. She concluded.

But the most wonderful thing she told CED team during the interview was that she said, “It is my first time to use latrine and now I am at 83 years old!”