• Address : Km4, Mogadishu Somalia
  • Working : Saturday - Thursday, 9:am - 5:pm

We closely, cooperatively and collaboratively work with: Federal, State and Local Administration, DIASPORA Somali Communities across continents, Community Leaders, Elders, Women & Youth Groups, Religious Leaders, IDP Representatives, Project Implementation & Management Committees (PIMCs), Local Intellectuals, Trustful Vendors, Contractors, Goods and Service Providers including among others Communications & Money Transfer Companies.


Needless to say, enhancing access to justice and promoting human rights and  fundamental  freedoms for all, including women, children and marginalized populations as well humanitarian settings do better when working mutually in partnership with other Local or International Actors sharing knowledge, skills, experiences & resources, human and material.

CED did and does work closely with a number of United Nations Humanitarian Agencies and with International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) working in or for Somalia and with other LNGOs.

These include, but not limited to:  European Union, Somali Stability Fund (SSF), OXFAM (NOVIB) and its affiliates from Oxfam International, e.g. OXFAM GREAT BRITAIN, OXFAM HONG-KONG, OXFAM QUEBEC amongst others and the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, FAO, UNDP, WFP, UNHCR, UN-OCHA, UNICEF, CARE INETRNATIONA and SIDA.