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7- Increasing & protecting household assets while preserving human dignity & identity

Universally, both civil conflict and disasters result to loss of life, properties and destruction of valuable household assets in addition to massive internal and external displacement. Somalia is not an exception in this regard. From a humanitarian angle, 1.1 million people are internally displaced (around 1/3 in Mogadishu and half of them in acute food insecurity) and over 1 million are refugees in the neighbouring countries, including 430,000 in Kenya, 245,000 in Ethiopia, 240,000 in Yemen. The conflict in Yemen has generated important internal displacements and increased refugee movements towards neighbouring countries both of Somalis returning and Yemeni refugees. In Somalia the total number of arrivals is already reaching 17,500 individuals and more persons are expected to arrive in the next months (mainly in Bosaso, Mogadishu and Berbera). Most of the Somali returnees are from South Central region and intend to return to their area of origin.

Host communities are not ignored in this count. They are also victims of war & disasters. Living with IDPs they often share whatever resources they have with the new IDP comers to their areas until every household erodes and remains without any significant asset.

During such hard times in Somalia, CED has been the first among those local and international humanitarian actors who girdled their shoulders to help those needy host and IDPs communities fleeing from fighting, drought, famine and floods effects.  The aim is to protect and increase individual household assets, restore and respect their human dignity and identity as a right and help them continue some of their livelihoods occupations.

With financial and material support from UNHCR, UN OCHA, WFP, Oxfam (Novib) and CARE International CED did successfully assist over 15, 000 households through– food & Non-Food Items including cereals, oil, pulses, household utensils, blankets, mosquito nets, jerry-cans, water tabs, soaps, mats or plastic sheets/tarpaulins, tents, clothes, etc.