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8 – Enhancing staff & communities capacities to effectively & efficiently implement, own and sustain projects implemented in their respective localities


Identifying, preparing and designing humanitarian interventions wherever, whatever size, volume and aspect they have, definitely need skills, knowledge, capacities and capital to be implemented successfully. Humanitarian actors ought to possess human capacities and capabilities of designing and implementing projects in an effective and efficient manner. In this regard, CED hires and employs both skilled and unskilled people to implement and sustain its projects. Provision on the job training skills are also incorporated into its programs in order to enhance its staff skills and upgrade their professional backgrounds on the various fields of expertise they have in addition to cross-cutting issues, such as Gender, HIV/AIDS, Peace-building, Conflict Resolutions and Environmental Protection Measures specific to a given locality.

Similarly, community skills, capacities and resources are inevitable to smoothly run projects.  The aim is to motivate communities gain more skills, share experiences and knowledge and enable them to implement and own projects, sustainably.

Individuals benefiting from trainings come from NGO Management team, NGO staff, Water Management Committees, Canal Committees, farmers, Community Sanitation and Hygiene Promoters, schoolteachers, Community Education Committees (CECs) and Education Personnel and environmental protection and conservations teams. Trainings/workshops are either held at home (in country) or abroad in another country with financial and material resources depending upon the context, from CED NGO, from a Funding Donor or from a third party if negotiated so on terms of agreement complied by both parties.