• Address : Km4, Mogadishu Somalia
  • Working : Saturday - Thursday, 9:am - 5:pm

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2, CED has in the past 10 years promoted and contributed to alleviating and reducing poverty in a sustainable manner through food security and sustainable livelihoods. CED Sustainable Livelihood projects on food and production schemes are aimed at generating and encouraging alternative livelihoods while enhancing and strengthening community capacities in resilience to withstand abrupt famine.

Most of these projects implemented so far are sustained by communities.  Sustainable livelihoods involve provision of farm inputs, agricultural training and extension support, training on land tillage and advising on best crops to farm, supporting small businesses, agribusiness, restocking and building the capacity of the local communities to improve food security and livelihoods of the populations in Somalia. Secondly it involves the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure such as water catchment areas, culverts, sluice gates and canals,
markets and access roads.