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Ahmed Mohamud Aw Timbi (image above), 57 years old is a father of 11 children (6 daughters and 5 sons). Ahmed lives at Baarey village, Jowhar district, Middle Shabelle region.  Mr. Ahmed is one of the community elders of Baarey village whose children are benefiting from the constructed school at Baarey village by Oxfam Novib/CED in 2011. So, Ahmed thanking to CED and its Donor, Oxfam Novib for their humanitarian assistance on education for their children had to say this:

“We are deeply grateful to CED and its generous Donor, Oxfam for having constructed this nice and well equipped school at our village, Baarey. CED is also covering the incentives of our school teachers each month. Eight of my children, 5 daughters & 3 sons along with other children from the village are currently benefiting from this school studying Basic Primary Education Subjects”. “

“They can now write and read something becoming elite people getting rid of the ignorance they were living in. It is doubtless that we, the parents are pleased with the good performance of our children at the school. Without this noble assistance, they would have lived in a dark world forever”.  Ahmed Mohamed added finally. Ahmed the father concluded his speech by saying “Even school children who are attending the classrooms show cheers on their faces and everyone is happy with the education service s/he is receiving from the school. So, I would like to request CED and its Donor to continue their support on education program so that our children will also have access to Secondary Education Opportunities while staying at their village, Baarey”.